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The best quick release boat rod holder for the serious sportsman. This kit includes your choice of side or vertical mount. Fishing with our quick release fishing rod holder means that you can handle any striker or serious rod take down. Great for trolling for redfish or anchor fishing at the hogline, it's redi set design makes it simple and easy to use. From light biting pike to that heavy hitting catfish that has your rod buried, just pull straight up and you're out in the fish fighting position.Only the best marine grade materials makes this one of the strongest rod holders on the market. We made this rod holder to last many reliable years and used non-corrosive materials with stainless hardware for fresh or saltwater use.Depending on space, as well as where and how you mount the rod holder, it can be adjusted horizontally 360° in 12 separate steps at 30° each. Vertically, the rod holder can be adjusted up to 180° in 8 separate intervals at 22.5° each. You can also attain many other angles with the adjustment discs.Clam-shell design holds your fishing rod securely and releases it extremely quickly and smoothly.Advantage Rod Holder will hold rods with handles up to 1½” diameter.Cutouts in the holder accepts rods with finger grips.Positively locks in your gear when needed, quickly and easily with our push-pull locking knob.Positive locking bases mean no movement whatsoever. Our bases accept many other manufacturers' gear as well.Made of non-corrosive materials for years of reliable use.Made of fiber-reinforced materials, so it's virtually impossible to break.Virtually eliminates any struggle to release your rod from the holder.Built around bait cast reels – when using a spin cast design we recommend locking it. Mount  Dimensions: 4” x 2” x 2”  Bolting dimensions: 1-5/16” x 3-3/16”

FOLBE Advantage Rod Holder wMount

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