A new design allowing for a reduced height of our offshore seat suspension base with a static height of 9 inches versus 17 inches. This allows you to use this seat in applications calling for mounting to existing seat boxes or other specialized applications. Primarily adapted for shallower vee and flat bottom boats and jet sleds. Meant to be used in nearshore or freshwater boats where wave action is typically shorter and steeper. These types of waves typically have a sharper harder impact. In light of these parameters we have built these bases to have a softer spring rate in the first two inches of travel to soften these impacts. These bases have 4 inches of travel exceeding the 3 inches of travel found in most truck seat bases This design especially lends itself for installation in larger sleds where storage space is so limited. Works very well with seat boxes in 8 to 10 inches in height.

Hydro Shock 4 - Dual Shock Seat Suspension

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