The SHOCKWAVE S5 fits on virtually any boat and seat, allowing boats of any size or design to benefit from suspension seating on the water. With the S5, boaters can feel confident in a range of sea states. You’ll find there is reduced impact on the body allowing you to travel farther with less physical fatigue.



Designed with affordability in mind and minimal components, the S5 can be easily installed on either a box-mount or pedestal and is compatible with an array of different seats. The durable construction extends time on the water, absorbing wave shock and preventing both high-impact and cumulative injury.



The S5 can be used for commercial or recreational purposes. Sold in both black and white, the S5 can be fitted to any vessel, bringing SHOCKWAVE military grade marine suspension to any boat. From offshore fishing vessels to coastal cruisers, the S5 minimizes wave impact and allows operators to extend their time on the water.


*Purchase of pump is required for each boat (only one pump is needed for all ShockWaves in the boat)

ShockWave S5